Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation

Publications: Brochures and Toolkits

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This handy pocket-sized guide was created to give PEFC Chain of Custody certified companies a quick and easy way to introduce PEFC to their customers and employees alike. A short introduction to PEFC that fits in your pocket!
The PEFC label is exclusively available on PEFC-certified products. Supplying PEFC-certified products enables your customers to use the PEFC label. This will enable them to highlight their sustainability credentials to their customers.
The PEFC Asia Promotions Initiative works to raise awareness, build capacity and encourage the uptake of PEFC certification throughout Asia.
Joinery, Fit Out and Certified Timber is the latest in a series of informative industry brochures from PEFC. This publication aims to inform everyone from large fit out companies to the smallest joinery firm about the increasing requirements and expectations of timber to come from independently certified sources.
The PEFC logo and label on your certified product communicates to your customers in a clear, concise and transparent manner that your wood, wood products, and non-timber forest products have been sourced from sustainably-managed forests and that they have been manufactured with due respect for workers’ rights.
This publication explores why forest certification is relevant to finance, how financial institutions can use and benefit from certification, and summarizes what makes PEFC unique.
Companies using paper and packaging products are increasingly keen to demonstrate a commitment to responsible sourcing by developing credible paper procurement policies which recognise both recycled and certified virgin fibre papers.
Certification schemes play an important role in the implementation of a responsible procurement policy by providing evidence of compliance. PEFC has therefore produced a publication designed to assist local authorities develop inclusive timber procurement policies.