Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation

Publications: Brochures and Toolkits

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Climate change is affecting us all. PEFC work to ensure the world’s forests can deliver their full contribution to our climate change actions. But we can’t do it alone, together, we can make a difference.
Read about how PEFC and sustainably managed forests are part of the solution to transform fashion into a more sustainable industry.
Demonstrate your commitment to protecting and developing the world’s forests by supporting PEFC and becoming a Corporate Member.
Timber is now viewed as a simple and straightforward way of achieving a high-performance, energy efficient building. The use of engineered timber products such as CLT and glulam gives designers a sustainable alternative to build strong and stable structures and bring a striking architectural dimension to modern building design.
PEFC UK has recently published a short brochure for businesses in the ‘food to go’ sector who want to be able to demonstrate a commitment to responsibly-sourced packaging to their customers.
As a furniture manufacturer, you can benefit from PEFC certification. In a world where we are aware of the impact of our choices, people are more aware of their environmental footprint and want to know where their products came from.
PEFC UK’s Group Certification brochure aims to explain the benefits of the group certification to small, independent businesses. It is a simple, straightforward and cost-effective way to benefit from PEFC Chain of Custody certification.