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Pefc Corporate Membership Brochure 1st Page Small

PEFC - Corporate Membership

Demonstrate your commitment to protecting and developing the world's forests by supporting PEFC and becoming a Corporate Member

Join PEFC - The worlds largest forest certificatio...


Architects, Building Design and PEFC Certified Timber

Timber is now viewed as a simple and straightforward way of achieving a high-performance, energy efficient building. The use of engineered timber products such as CLT and glulam giv...

Pefc Construction Small

PEFC Certified Timber for the Construction Industry

Read more about how public and private sector procurement policies are seeking evidence of certified timber, and how this is key in the construction industry.
PEFC Certified Timber...

Restaurant Brochure Fc Med

Certified Packaging For The Food To Go Sector

Nowadays, consumers expect packaging to be responsibly sourced, easily recycled with a minimal impact on the environment and ultimately, the world’s forests. PEFC UK has recently pu...

Pefc Furniture Brochure Cover Page

PEFC and Certified Furniture

As a furniture manufacturer, you can benefit from PEFC certification. In a world where we are aware of the impact of our choices, people are more aware of their environmental footp...

Group Cert Front Page

PEFC Group Certification

PEFC UK’s Group Certification brochure aims to explain the benefits of the group certification to small, independent businesses. It is a simple, straightforward and cost-effective w...

Pefc In A Nutshell Med


The worlds fastest growing certification scheme. 

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PEFC At a Glance

PEFC At A Glance

Highlighting sustainable forest management, social value, global impact, and responsible supply chain management

Pefc Greening Gardens Brochure Med

Greening Gardens with PEFC-Certified Timber

With Spring on the horizon, many of us are looking forward to getting back out in our gardens. Most of our gardens will feature a number of timber products from fences, planters, ga...

Pefc & Fsc Brochure

PEFC: Promoting Sustainable Forest Management Around the World

PEFC Promoting Sustainable Forest Management Around the World seeks to explain the differences and similarities between the PEFC and FSC forest certification systems.
Promoting Sus...

Pefc Consumer Dl Brochure V4 Page 002

PEFC: A Consumer Guide

PEFC: A Consumer Guide pdf

PEFC’s approach to sustainable forest management includes demanding environmental, social and economic requirements. Independent auditors verify that t...

Pefc Forest Management Brochure

PEFC Sustainable Forest Management

An online certification system for UK woodland owners
PEFC Sustainable Forest Management - PDF

Cladding Small

PEFC Promoting Sustainable Cladding and Decking through Certified Timber

As building designers and material specifiers search for ways to deliver sustainable, low-carbon and energy efficient buildings, timber is being adopted more and more. Not only as a...

Pefc Responsible Procurement 1st Page Small

PEFC: Your Assurance of Responsible Sourcing

Companies enjoy multiple benefits with PEFC Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, a new brochure by PEFC, the world's largest forest certification system, explains.

With more and...

Sourcing responsibly small

The Business Benefits of PEFC Certification

From small and medium-sized enterprises to global brands, more and more companies along the timber value chain are looking to demonstrate that the forest-based materials they are us...

Pp Pcover

PEFC Certified Paper for the Print, Packaging and Publishing Industries

Demand for sustainably produced goods is growing across the globe. With climate change and environmental concerns ever-present, consumers, public authorities and corporate print buy...

400 Medium

Flooring and PEFC-Certified Timber

Stylish, durable and low maintenance, timber is one of the most popular and widely used materials in the flooring sector. Solid, engineered or laminate, timber brings a natural and ...

399 Medium

A Pocket Guide to PEFC

This handy pocket-sized guide was created to give PEFC Chain of Custody certified companies a quick and easy way to introduce PEFC to their customers and employees alike. A short in...


PEFC Sustainability for Packaging Professionals

From small and medium enterprises to global brands, more and more companies are looking to demonstrate that the fiber they use in their packaging comes from a certified sustainable ...


Asian Certified Tmber

The Asian region has a strong influence on the environmental sustainability of international forest products, making it vital to build supply chain capacity and increase the availab...