Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation

PEFC Sustainability for Packaging Professionals

From small and medium enterprises to global brands, more and more companies are looking to demonstrate that the fiber they use in their packaging comes from a certified sustainable source. They are responding to an increasingly discerning market place, which expects products to address environmental, social and ethical concerns.

Consumer-facing companies, and in particular global brands, are particularly eager to respond to consumer expectations for wood-based products to be sourced with minimal impact on the environment and the world’s forests.

Environmental labels allow companies to visibly communicate their commitment to responsible sourcing. This is becoming ever more important as consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact of their buying decisions.

Labels such as PEFC’s are the most trusted source of information for consumers, ahead of media reports, consumer reports, and corporate sustainability reports, according to the Regeneration Consumer Study.

The PEFC label is exclusively available on PEFC-certified products. Supplying PEFC-certified products enables your customers to use the PEFC label. This will enable them to highlight their sustainability credentials to their customers. Finally, consumers will be able to clearly recognize and distinguish products and packaging that are made from responsibly sourced raw materials

In PEFC: Sustainability for Packaging Professionals discover how PEFC certification can benefit both you and your customers by providing them with a responsible choice.