Forests area: 325 million ha
Forest owners: > 750,000
Companies (CoC): 20,000

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Winners of the UK & Ireland PEFC Photo Contest Announced

Published on 12 July 2018

We received some lovely images of our forests in play, action and at work this year. We are pleased to announce our winners below from this year’s PEFC Photography contest.Harvesting Truck Credits

Our 1st prize goes to “Journey through the mist”, taken by Xiao Ma, it shows an atmospheric image of a misty day at a Lockerbie Spruce plantation, the harvesting truck going to its next destination.

The Runners Up

The 2nd goes to Trevor Wright, “Dawn in Laughton Woods”, another beautiful image which captured the sun breaking through the woods on an early morning.

Our 3rd runner up is the “Beautiful Wye Valley Bluebells”. The common bluebell is a protected species in the UK and are a sight to behold when they carpet the woodland floor. This lovely image was taken by Ken Breeze.Dog In Bluebell Woodcredited Small

Experience Forests, Experience PEFC

These three winning images along with a further three runners up will join the winning photos from the other 16 national PEFC photo contests for the chance to win the 2018 PEFC Photographer of the Year Award!

Bluebells Credit Small

Taking place around the world, these national contests all ran at the same time: from Earth Day to World Environment Day. In total, we received more than 12,000 photos!

The winner of international contest will be announced in November. The winning prize is a trip to Geneva, Switzerland to attend the 2018 PEFC Forest Certification Week or a cash prize of 3000 CHF.