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UKWAS 5 Second Revision Draft Consultation Is Now Open

Posted on October 13, 2021

PEFC UK is required to revise or review its national endorsed forest certification scheme every five years. PEFC UK has used the U K Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS) as part of its national scheme since 2002 and the current version of UKWAS 4 has now begun its revision process to UKWAS 5. The second public consultation on the current draft is for 60 days and is now open. We would encourage all stakeholders to comment on the draft and answer the questions posed in the consultation paper.

The consultation draft has been prepared by a chamber-balanced working group reflecting economic, environmental, and social interests taking full account of earlier stakeholder input.

The is the final consultation round and stakeholders are encouraged to read through the draft and submit their comments using the Consultation Template.

The aim is for the fifth edition of the UKWAS standard to be effective from April 2023.  

UKWAS Second Revision Draft Webinar

A webinar on the UKWAS Second Revision Draft will be held on zoom from 14.00 to 15.30 on November 3rd.  You can register here for the webinar

The webinar will be hosted by PEFC UK and should be of interest to stakeholders and all those wishing to learn more about the UKWAS consultation process and the latest consultation draft of the standard.

Speakers will include working group chair, Peter Wilson, to provide an overview and a revision working group representative from each of the economic, environmental and social sectors who will provide their own sector’s perspective.

The webinar will be followed by a discussion and Q&A session.

Further Information

The following documentation is available at

Consultation documents:

  • UKWAS Consultation Paper on Second Revision Draft
  • UKWAS 5 Consultation Template (Second Revision Draft)

UKWAS 5 Second Revision Drafts:

  • UKWAS 5 Second Revision Draft (Requirements-only version)
  • UKWAS 5 Second Revision Draft (Full version)

Consultation Reports:

  • UKWAS Revision 2020-23 Initial Revision Draft Consultation Report
  • Consultation Report Annex 1

Standard-users and stakeholders should submit their input by Tuesday, 30th November 2021 to