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Sustainability All Covered – Fine Décor Wallcoverings

Published on 12 September 2018

Fine Décor Wallcoverings Ltd is a conscientious customer-focused, leading wallcovering manufacturer and distributer, which is established as a significant force with great depth of experience in the provision of wallcoverings both in the UK and other global markets.

Its technical and production management team are always looking at its business operations for opportunities to improve in four key areas: quality, ethics health and safety and sustainability. Its original PEFC Certification 15 years ago was the first step they took as a business to ensure it made environmentally responsible choices in raw material sourcing. Since 2003 they have observed large shifts in the public opinion with more consumers demanding traceability and recognising the PEFC logo on its products.Fd42386 Room Shot

“We hear on a daily basis the challenges we face environmentally in our fast-paced consumer world,” says Steve Mulheron, Commercial Director. “At the heart of the Fine Décor DNA, it is important to us that the product we market as PEFC certified under the Fine Décor and Crown brands, with collections such as Milano and Bergamo, are traceable in terms of sustainability. It means we can ensure our customer understands that both we and they are helping contribute to creating a better world for future generations.”

Fine Décor Wallcoverings Ltd has a long history as a leading manufacturer of wallcoverings in the UK. Its Victoria Mills factory located in the small village of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire was founded in 1910 by the Jackson family and in 1930, became part of WPM better known as Crown & Sanderson Wallcoverings UK.

During the period of 1960 to 1995 the company went through various changes of ownership, finally being purchased by International Wallcoverings. Members of the management team purchased the company in 1999 and in 2000 Fine Décor Wallcoverings Ltd became an affiliated company of Brewster Wallcoverings – a fourth generation family business whose passion for wallpaper is clear to see to this day.

The decision was made to merge the Brewster warehousing operation onto the Victoria Mill site, giving the company a unique operation among UK wallcoverings manufacturers in that it can distribute both bulk and room lot globally from its one site. In October of 2017 it was announced that Fine Décor Wallcoverings Ltd had reached an agreement to acquire CWV Ltd along with their brands: Crown, Coloroll and Vymura.

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