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PEFC & World Sustainable Procurement Day 2023

Posted on March 17, 2023

The second World Sustainable Procurement Day takes place on 21st March and PEFC will taking part to explain the value of choosing PEFC certified forest products and the importance of including PEFC sourced material in public and private sector procurement policies.

As the global procurement community focuses on working towards a better and more sustainable future, the free online event held during the Spring Equinox will see 24 hours of discussion, knowledge sharing and those taking part will be able to join ‘hands-on and action oriented online sessions’ on a multitude of topics led by global experts and business leaders from all walks of life.

In 2022, the event attracted more than 6,000 procurement professionals from all over the world to discuss sustainable procurement challenges. The event aims to empower and equip procurement practitioners with knowledge, best-practice guidance, and practical solutions to the main procurement challenges they face.

Wikkie Netten, Southeast Asia (SEA) Marketing Manager for PEFC, will be delivering a session on ‘Enabling Responsible Supply Chain in Southeast Asia’. Her work focuses on developing regional partnerships, engaging with the private sector and assisting businesses who choose to use forest products in a sustainable way.

PEFC-certified material is available globally and our ‘two trees’ logo can be found on products around the globe. More than 20,000 PEFC Chain of Custody certified companies around the world are supplying a wide range of forest-based products, from stationery to furniture, packaging and even food and clothing.  Setting out requirements for PEFC within any procurement policy provides a clear pathway to increase your share of certified sustainable material, helping organisations and individuals to achieve responsible sourcing goals. You can find a template responsible forest products procurement policy here.

The event is organised by the Sustainable Procurement Pledge, an international bottom-up and non-profit organisation for procurement professionals, academics and practitioners that drives awareness and spreads knowledge on responsible sourcing practices.

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