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PEFC UK Photography Contest Winner!!

Posted on February 23, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the winner of our PEFC UK Certified Forest photo contest!!

We were looking for images that really capture the UK’s certified forests, trees and plants, wildlife, forest working and the magical essence of the forests and woodland.

Thank you to all of our entrants, it was such a pleasure looking through the many beautiful images that we received. 

The first prize went to Donald Beaton for his image of Remnant of Past times, taken in the Caledonian Forest in Glen Affric.

“An old dead Scots pine tree stands alone and proud amongst the regenerating Caledonian Forest” Donald explains.

Alun Watkins, Executive Director of PEFC UK explained why this image was the winner –  “Apart from the fantastic view and moody weather, it also shows a range of forest landscapes, from standing deadwood to old and new mixed woodlands”.

The second place was awarded to Dr Catherine Cahill with her image “Autumn Stream”.  Taken on a cold crisp and sunny morning during a family walk.

Catherine Cahill

Mr Mike Thorp is our third place winner with “Light Shining Through”, taken on the Ellerburn Trail in the Dalby Forest, Mike explained that the image was captured on a cold wet February afternoon when suddenly the light shone through and the forest burst into life with birdsong and colour.