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PEFC UK Company Spotlight - Southsea Deckchairs

Published on 13 June 2018

Relax On a PEFC-Certified Deckchair

A staple part of the British seaside culture is the traditional deckchair. The UK’s leading maker and supplier of traditional timber-framed deckchairs is Southsea Deckchairs – started by Director and Founder Stephen Davies, when he began selling deckchairs along Southsea seafront in 1981. Deckchair Medium

Manufactured to withstand the elements and heavy use, the deckchair timber frames are made with PEFC-certified Merpauh – a sustainable and durable hardwood that is finished with teak oil. This provides excellent protection against the elements and withstands wear. As well as extending the deckchair’s working life, the fine finish enhances its natural appearance. More durable also means more sustainable.

A heavy-duty moulding of 22mm x 47mm is used for the framework that provides great strength and a noticeably more solid feel than many other domestic deckchairs. Mortise and tenon joints are now used instead of dowel joints, giving even greater strength and rigidity. Stephen wanted to make deckchairs that were strong, durable and practical and taking all the best deckchair design elements, he put them together to create the Southsea Deckchair range.

“Durability is very important,” says Stephen. “Frequently replacing deckchairs to keep them new and functional can have a tremendous impact on the environment, not just from the necessary tree felling but also from the energy required to make and transport the chairs. It is very important that we supply products made from responsibly managed forests.

Demand For Sustainability

“In this day and age the awareness for sustainability, in the retail industry especially, has soared and now it is essential as a business to be aware of its impact on customer preferences. On average, we sell around 300 deckchairs a week – that’s a lot of timber needed to supply such a demand. That’s why as a business we made the decision to buy PEFC-certified timber in order to reduce the impact on our forests and environment but also to create longer lasting more durable chairs that customers do not need to replace on such a frequent basis. Our chairs are built to last years if not decades. We’ve been using PEFC-certified timber for six years now and will continue to do so as it has been successful with us, our warehouse, our customers and most importantly our environment.”
Southsea Deckchairs are committed to maintaining excellent build quality and caring for the environment with sustainably sourced timber with PEFC-certification. Southsea Deckchairs are available in traditional deckchair stripes, multi-stripes and a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and modern patterns.

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