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PEFC Alliance Launches Global Packaging Campaign

Posted on September 21, 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of PEFC’s Responsible Packaging campaign. The campaign aims to increase retailer and brand owner awareness of PEFC-certified packaging and the sustainability assurances it provides. Consumer-facing companies know how important their packaging choices are. Not only does it help keep the products inside safe and fresh, but the packaging itself is also an important brand asset. With an estimated 70% of purchasing decisions being made at the point of sale, packaging helps convert shoppers to buyers.

Awareness of the environmental and social impacts of packaging have probably never been higher. Nowadays, consumers expect brand owners and retailers to only use paper and packaging that has been legally sourced, has no connection with deforestation and contains no unnecessary plastics. In essence, consumers want packaging that is certified sustainable. PEFC’s Responsible Packaging campaign aims to show how by including PEFC in wood-based products procurement policies, and using the PEFC label on certified packaging, companies can communicate their sustainable packaging choices to their customers.

The campaign’s messages focus on three central themes – responsible sourcing, renewable raw material and the recyclability of wood-fibre based packaging. 

Responsible Sourcing

The PEFC label ensures that certified packaging is sourced responsibly through PEFC chain of custody mechanism that traces and verifies the raw material through third-party audits. Safe working conditions for foresters, manufacturers, and all other workers.

Renewable Raw Materials

Sustainable forest management protects biodiversity and water courses, helps mitigate climate change, and reduces soil erosion and desertification –all of which are good for the planet, and for the local communities that live in and around forests. When forests are managed sustainably, they become a truly renewable resource.

Recyclable Packaging

After it has fulfilled it’s important to consider the end of life solution for paper-based packaging. Recycling remains an important part of any sustainable packaging solution. Demand for tree-based products is increasing, so recycling paper-based packaging and /or using recycled fibre helps reduce the demand for fresh fibre.  Packaging that uses PEFC certified paper/pulp therefore not only protects forests at source but also provides an essential strong fibre source for the ever growing recycled board market that supplies boxes for the e-commerce sector and beyond. The PEFC Recycled logo is available to use for this very purpose.

When used to supplement PEFC certified fresh fibres, recycled materials can help meet market demand for forest-based raw materials. So, recycled materials and certified forest materials both have a role to play in providing responsible packaging solutions.

Brands that choose PEFC-certified packaging can both act and communicate on their sustainability goals. Because PEFC certification is rigorous, impartial and globally-recognised, companies can substantiate their sustainability statements on responsible forest products sourcing.

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