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Editorial Changes to the PEFC Product Categories

Posted on February 14, 2022

The PEFC product categories are a key element in the implementation of the PEFC chain of custody by certified organisations and certification bodies. The revised list of categories, released in October 2021, has undergone an editorial review and the latest version is now available.

The editorial changes cover the addition of:

  • two new categories, 100307 (Other dissolving pulp derivatives) and 110510 (Other stationary products)
  • a 2012-2021 category equivalences table
  • a change log section 

What does this mean for you?

Certification bodies must use the new categories for all new certificates and update the existing certificates at their next scheduled surveillance audit.

If you’re a PEFC chain of custody certified company, you need to verify that the product lists displayed on the PEFC search engine match your chain of custody certification scope.

The PEFC product categories

The PEFC product categories define the PEFC product groups to which the chain of custody is applied and the scope of the chain of custody certificate. 

Additionally, the categories serve as a tool for the promotion of certified products, with the list of product categories covered by a certified organisation available on the PEFC International website.

PEFC revised the product categories published in 2012, producing an updated list of product categories to provide an accurate reflection of the wide range of certified products made from forest or tree-based material.

PEFC Product Categories

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