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Celebrate Christmas in Sustainable Style with PEFC

Posted on December 12, 2022

This time of year we are using a lot of paper and packaging products.  Choosing PEFC-certified products, you are assured by the label, supported by verifiable information, that your products are backed by PEFC Chain of Custody Certification.

Our labels are globally trusted trademarks and assurance that your products are from a sustainably managed forest.

Sustainably Sourced Gift Wrap

The impact of gift wrap and packaging on the environment can be enormous, so our choices matter.

Each household in the UK uses an average of four rolls of wrapping paper each Christmas – that’s more than 100 million rolls every year in the UK alone. We also discard an estimated 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year – enough to stretch around the globe nine times.  

A simple way to understand the green credentials of gift wrap is to check that it comes from a certified sustainable source and can be readily recycled.

Tesco’s Christmas gift wrap carries the PEFC label and shows that it has been manufactured using certified sustainable virgin wood fibre, or a mixture of certified sustainable wood and verified recycled fibre. It is also fully recyclable, making it a truly environmentally friendly choice.

Look for the Credentials

Leading retailers and brand owners are increasingly using PEFC’s ‘two trees’ logo to communicate their commitment to sustainable forest products, so it’s no surprise that the PEFC label is popping up all over the festive season.

LIDL have used the label on their customer Christmas brochure. This follows on from the 2019 publication of its Sustainable Sourcing of Timber and Wood-Based Products policy, where they announced their commitment to ensuring that their marketing materials would be produced using recycled material or certified paper.

You can learn more about LIDL’s responsible sourcing commitments on their A Better Tomorrow website.

Responsible Packaging

The PEFC label is on all sorts of Christmas gifts such as the packaging for the popular Lynx gift sets from Unilever. Lynx is the number one UK men’s personal grooming brand and has been on sale in the UK for over 30 years. 

Unilever estimates that over eight million men – one in every four households – across the UK and Ireland, regularly use Lynx products.

But for those who prefer gifts of the edible variety, the PEFC label also features on packs of the famous, premium Guylian chocolate seashell packaging.

Belgian chocolatier Guylian has been making these iconic favourites since 1958 and its packaging is recyclable and made from PEFC-certified paperboard.

We hope that whatever you find in your Christmas stocking, that you have a very Happy Christmas and we wish you all a prosperous and sustainable 2023.