Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation

2050 Materials and PEFC: Collaborating to Improve Sustainable Sourcing

Posted on March 21, 2023

Finding reliable and up-to-date information on sustainable products is essential to deliver greener construction projects and hit 2050 net zero carbon targets.

New online product platform 2050 Materials is helping everyone working in the construction sector to easily find and compare product details, access complex sustainability data, and see technical information at the touch of a button.  This will help inform design decisions for specifiers and offer manufacturers a way to showcase innovative certified products and systems.  

The platform will be a user-friendly way to find many PEFC-certified suppliers. Architects, building designers and professionals working across the built environment are using more timber on their projects. Users of 2050 Materials can discover new products, reduce research and data management costs, and understand product environmental data through its easy-to-use dashboards and tools.

PEFC chain of custody certification offers independent, verifiable assurance that the timber comes from responsibly managed forests. The PEFC label can be seen on a wide variety of products, ranging from structural engineered timber systems such as CLT, glulam, and LVL – seen in many international, high-profile, award-winning projects – to a varied range of flooring, joinery, windows and doors, and countless packaging products. Certification is essential as it shows that the forest-based material used is sourced responsibly, with the long-term future of healthy forests in mind.

As corporate and brand reputations become more dependent on demonstrating a commitment to environmental targets, using PEFC-certified suppliers and products is a way to stop deforestation, preserve biodiversity, and act in a socially responsible manner.  As changing building regulations and market pressures place additional pressures on project teams, searching for PEFC-certified suppliers and products can now be done easily using 2050 Materials.

PEFC-certified products help achieve Excellent and Outstanding BREEAM ratings and play a huge part in the RICS SKA environmental performance standard for fit-out projects and global schemes including LEED, Built Green in Canada, CASBEE in Japan and demonstrates compliance with the US Lacey Act, and UK Timber Regulation.

PEFC is working with 2050 Materials to minimise the impact of the construction industry on global forestry and to promote the wider use of certified products across the built environment, making the sustainable supply chain understandable and accessible for all users.

For more information on how the 2050 Materials digital platform works visit: If you manufacture timber-based products and want to know more about PEFC certification speak to us at: