Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation

Brand Owners & Retailers

In a World of information overload, it can be difficult for Brand Owners & Retailers to understand the best methods of reducing the environmental and social impacts of their businesses. How do you prioritise which of the macro level environmental crises to focus on with your sourcing policies? Responsible forest management is scientifically proven to help mitigate climate change so there is no better place to start.

There are many organisations who offer guidance on how to reduce risk in the supply chain whereas others will go beyond compliance by creating procurement strategies that are designed to be “planet positive”. Using PEFC certified products will help you achieve success on both fronts.

In March 2021, the Consumer Goods Forum launched the “Forest Positive Coalition of Action” led by 20 of the World’s most prominent Brand Owners & Retailers. This detailed, but clearly defined action plan, provides clear guidelines as to how companies with large exposure to natural resources, particularly forest products, can move from targeting “net zero deforestation” to “forest positive”. The use of PEFC certified material is identified as a key driver of achieving this goal: 

“Responsible forest management can help increase the value of standing forests and help protect them from illegal logging, conversion to other uses or other non-sustainable activities…. central to the Coalition’s approach is continuing to promote credible certification where applicable. The PPP working group will focus collective actions initially on packaging as this is an area that is common across all members and where there is significant collective leverage.” – Consumer Goods Forum PPP (Pulp, Paper and Fibre Based Packaging) Roadmap Mar ‘21

But which other environmental topics can sourcing PEFC certified products/materials help with:

  • Verification of responsible sourcing of raw materials in your supply chain
  • Providing a recyclable and biodegradable alternative to unnecessary plastics
  • Synergy with the Circular Economy – solving the “end of life” headache of your products
  • Reducing Scope 3 emissions
  • Helping demonstrate “legality” of products in relation to the UK Timber Regulations (“UKTR”)
  • Supporting corporate efforts to meet the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals
  • Helping to achieve higher ratings with 3rd party assessments such as CDP, EcoVardis, DJSI.

PEFC provides a range of brochures and guidance for the sector:

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An Advisory Note for Retailers 
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