Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation


The furniture sector has positioned itself as a front runner in the demand for certified products and has demonstrated its commitment to responsible sourcing of timber. Accordingly, the demand for furniture, or furniture components manufactured from timber or wood-based products derived from sustainable sources, is increasing rapidly.

Tables, chairs, desks, beds, sofas, wardrobes… wood based products are an essential part of our homes, offices and gardens. Wood accounts for a major part of total furniture sales worldwide. The sector already provides an enormous range of products in different styles and applications, including office, and domestic furniture. New innovation in wood design and production processes open doors to an ever increasing number of natural and sustainable products.

PEFC furniture

PEFC-certified wood enables companies to assure their customers that wood used in furniture comes from legal and sustainable sources.

 In addition to the technical quality and design of a product, consumers are increasingly interested in knowing that a piece of furniture they buy has been responsibly produced. More and more public authorities, companies and large retailers, including DIY outlets and furniture stores, are demanding in their specifications that wooden products come from certified well-managed forests.

With PEFC certification, those supplying government departments, large corporate companies, and universities can ensure that timber used in the manufacture of their products originates from sustainable sources, and that these credentials can be passed on by the implementation of their own chain of custody systems.

In its purchasing policy, the furniture industry can demand PEFC-certified products and thus increase the number of sustainable products on the market. This gives a clear market signal that the industry accepts only timber from legal and sustainably managed sources.

PEFC provides a range of brochures and guidance for the sector:

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