Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation


Solid, engineered or laminate, timber brings a natural and elegant element to any interior and wooden flooring is widely recognised as a hard wearing, natural product suitable for most building types. With a wide range of species, colours, textures and grain patterns plus a winning combination of sustainability and aesthetics, it has become a key material for building specification. 

Wood products use considerably less energy in their production than many alternative materials and with climate change and environmental concerns ever-present, both consumers and clients are increasingly seeking assurances that the products they buy have been responsibly-sourced. 

Every cubic metre of wood flooring contains 5kg of carbon dioxide and stores that until end of life where it can be reused or recycled.


As well as being a long term staple of domestic homes and DIY, timber flooring is now being increasingly requested in the commercial sector. Hygienic and easy to clean in comparison to carpet, timber is regularly specified in healthcare and educational environments. PEFC flooring is readily available in solid, engineered and parquet styles and is suitable for any number of commercial and domestic applications. 

From commercial building owners and public sector specifiers to the DIY and residential markets, everybody is now far better informed and knowledgeable about their purchasing decisions and the impact on the environment. They are increasingly looking to buy timber products that are labelled as legal and sustainable. 

One of the simplest ways to demonstrate that your flooring comes from responsibly-managed forests is to buy and supply PEFC-certified material. This is your guarantee that it will have been sourced from forests endorsed against PEFC’s international Sustainability Benchmarks and tracked through the supply chain via strict Chain of Custody certification.

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