Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation


Many products now carry endorsements, labels and logos. From catalogues, magazines and food packaging to DIY products, furniture, books, paper and envelopes. The PEFC ‘green trees’ logo is your assurance that your products have come from sustainable sources and originate from a responsibly-managed forest.

According to recent surveys, more than 80% of consumers globally want companies sourcing certified material from sustainable managed forests to use certification labels.  Surveys show that certification labels, such as the PEFC label, are the most trusted means of giving confidence to consumers that wood-based products are sustainably sourced. 

Consumers globally believe that it is important to make ethical choices, with 60% agreeing that their shopping choice for a labelled product can make a positive difference to the world’s forest. Only a small minority, 10%, felt that their choice for a sustainably sourced product would not make a difference.

Moreover, nearly 30% of all consumers responded that they actively look for forest certification labels.

The research shows that over half of all consumers (54%) consider certification labels as the most reassuring proof that environmental and sustainable development considerations have been taken into account. Other means of proof include country of origin (30%), brand (24%) and recommendations by family/friends and media (17% and 16% respectively).

The overwhelming majority of consumers globally – more than 80% – want companies to use labels on products to communicate their responsible sourcing practices to them. Only 4% disagreed that companies should use labels. 

According to an ASDA 2014 study of over 20,000 customers, 91% believe wood fibre should be sustainably sourced with 90% stating this is key for packaging. The ASDA study also showed that 59% believe products sourced from sustainably managed forests should carry an independent label – the PEFC label is exclusively available on PEFC-certified products enabling consumers to clearly recognise and distinguish these products.

Today about 11% of the world’s forests are certified – two thirds to PEFC-endorsed standards. Look for the PEFC logo to ensure you only buy sustainable products and support businesses which invest in sustainability.

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