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PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation

Tomorrow’s Timber Talk CPD

Want to learn more about the latest trends in timber construction?

Find out why timber is the number one sustainable building material with the Tomorrow’s Timber Talk CPD. For all built environment professionals this FREE webinar gives insight and understanding of the latest developments in timber construction and explains why switching to sustainable materials is so important. The talks were developed by PEFC Netherlands in partnership with Dr Pablo van der Lugt.

Why Build with Timber?

Building with certified timber is brilliant for our planet, our wellbeing and for our economy. Timber is THE renewable building material and compared to concrete, steel and aluminum, requires less energy in production. Timber plays a massive role in both reducing climate change and helping society reach net zero carbon emissions targets.

Remember, timber doesn’t emit carbon, it stores carbon.

It is not surprising that timber appeals to architects and designers. Timber looks and feels fantastic, and they recognise that they play a key role in reducing the climate emergency through better building design. Where appropriate, substituting carbon intensive materials with those made from responsibly sourced timber, such as those certified to PEFC’s global sustainability benchmarks, is the sensible and forward-thinking approach.

What you will learn from this CPD

  • Developments in mass timber and offsite manufacturing
  • Why timber buildings are good for our health and wellbeing
  • Why timber is the ideal material for a circular economy
  • Why timber is an alternative to carbon intensive materials such as steel and concrete
  • The principles of bio-based construction
  • Applications for the latest generation of engineered timber products
  • Why specifying certified timber matters
  • The future built environment: why we need a timber construction revolution.

Who Will Deliver This CPD?

The hour-long webinar will be presented by Dr Pablo van der Lugt. An inspirational speaker and an architectural engineer, Pablo is a senior sustainability consultant to the wood and bamboo industry as well as lecturer in bio-based building at Delft University of Technology (Environmental Technology & Design).

He is also the author of five books on bio-based building, including Tomorrow’s Timber (2020), published by Material District. This explains how timber has evolved from a traditional building material to an engineered, high performance, construction material. It also explains the aesthetic and biophilic benefits timber can bring to a project and the sustainability gains of replacing non-renewable, fossil-based materials, with wood.

This all available via our FREE CPD. For more information contact: Laura Llewelyn