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Timber and the Circular Economy Webinar for Specifiers

12th July 2024, 1:00 pm

Timber has increasing appeal for architects, designers, and those who specify materials for construction projects. Following on from our earlier Responsible Timber Sourcing CPD, specifiers can now learn more about how responsibly sourced timber fits within the Circular Economy agenda through our fully-accredited Timber and the Circular Economy CPD course.

Webinar Details

Why You Need to Know about Timber and the Circular Economy

While timber is the ultimate renewable material, it is crucial to ensure we can meet future demand by making the best use of this valuable resource. Ensuring timber products and buildings last for their required design life, and that they can be reused or remanufactured at the end of use, are key circular economy solutions.

Governments and NGOs are promoting the need to recycle materials to meet net-zero carbon construction targets. By ensuring timber products meet the Circular Economy agenda, we can continue to incorporate these renewable, low-carbon materials into the buildings of the future and help increase overall carbon storage in buildings.

What You Will Learn

  • Background to the Circular Economy
  • Timber’s Place in a Circular Economy
  • Importance of Responsible Timber Sourcing in Meeting Circular Economy Goals
  • Incorporating Circular Economy Wood Products into Your Designs
  • Exploring Circular Economy Business Models


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Speaker Profile

The webinar will be presented by Charlie Law of Sustainable Construction Solutions. Charlie has over 30 years of experience in the construction sector, with extensive industry knowledge having worked for BAM, Kier, and Lendlease. He is also Head of Construction & ESG at the Pallet Loop and Sustainability Director at Timber Development UK (TDUK).

Contact Information

For webinar requests and further information, please contact Laura Llewelyn