PEFC International Standards

Logo usage rules

PEFC Logo Usage Rules (PEFC ST 2001:2008 v2)

Date of implementation November 26, 2010

The requirements that entities must follow when using the PEFC logo, in order to ensure accurate, verifiable, relevant and non-misleading use of the PEFC logo and related claims. It defines the legal protection of the PEFC logo; rights to use the PEFC logo; logo usage categories and the requirements for on- and off-product usage of the PEFC logo.

Certification Body Requirements - second edition

Certification Body Requirements – Chain of Custody (PEFC ST 2003:2012) Second Edition

Date of implementation November 20, 2014

This document defines the requirements for certification bodies carrying out PEFC chain of custody certification. It was developed by a joint working group of PEFC and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), and became effective as of 16 July 2012.

Chain of Custody of Froest Based Products - Requirements (PEFC ST 2002:2013)

Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products - Requirements (PEFC ST 2002:2013)

Date of implementation December 7, 2015

This standard lays out the requirements for Chain of Custody certification for forest-based products – the conditions a company must meet in order to achieve PEFC certification. During the certification process, the certification body will assess the company against the requirements set out in this document. If the company complies, they will receive their PEFC Chain of Custody certificate.

Sust Forest Man 1003 2018 Page 1small

Sustainable Forest Management (PEFC ST 1003:2018)

Date of implementation November 28, 2018

This benchmark lays out the international requirements for sustainable forest management. Developed by a working group with representation of all relevant stakeholders, it describes the criteria and indicators we believe are vital for the sustainable management of a forest. Every national forest management standard must address these requirements to achieve PEFC endorsement.