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Project Certification

PEFC Project Chain of Custody certification is a specific form of Chain of Custody certification that allows you to take advantage of PEFC certification for your projects.

Chain of Custody certification is well suited for the ongoing and continuous production of certified products across a wide range of areas including paper, packaging, tissue products or furniture. However, it is not always the most efficient option for short-term projects involving different, uncertified contractors, such as in the construction industry, or the one-off production of a specific product.

Kingsgate House

PEFC Project Chain of Custody certification recognises that not all parties involved in specific projects are certified, even though forest-based material used for the project is covered by Chain of Custody certification.

Usually, the fact that non-certified parties handle certified material would break the chain, and this is where PEFC Project Chain of Custody comes into play.

With PEFC Project Chain of Custody, the specific project is considered to be the ‘product’ to which the Chain of Custody process is applied. In practice, this means that when a ‘Project Manager’ obtains a Chain of Custody certificate for project certification, contractors working on this project are covered as Project Members and are not required to obtain Chain of Custody certification themselves.

As the Project Manager, they will have to comply with the relevant requirements and establish a suitable management system. This management system will allow for the control of records, training of staff, internal audits, and complaint resolution.

This system will also cover the activities performed by Project Members, to control and record timber arriving and being used on site. As with the regular Chain of Custody, meticulous records must be maintained on all aspects of the forest-based products received on site, and employees involved in the project must be competent and receive sufficient training.

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