Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation

Group Certification

What is Group Certification?

PEFC Chain of Custody certification requires companies to set up a management system to account for purchasing, tracking, manufacturing, sales and record-keeping of certified wood based material. However, we realise that many smaller companies may not have the in-house resources to implement and manage these requirements. Group Certification delivers all these requirements in a single package.

The Group Manager, operating on behalf of the individual group member companies, provides scheme management and all the documentation required for Chain of Custody certification. Support, training and internal auditing are also provided, thereby keeping the human and financial investment required by individual members to a minimum.

Group Managers co-ordinate the information produced by Scheme Members and are the certificate holder. A Group Manager can be a specific Group Member, an experienced legal entity such as a consultant or a trade association.


Would Group Certification work for me?

If you are smaller organisation which employ up to 50 staff and have a turnover of less than the equivalent of £10 million Euros, then with PEFC Group Certification, you can benefit from a simple, straightforward Chain of Custody process that provides all the benefits of being certified whilst giving you the support you need and reducing the costs to your business.

The Group manager appointed will develop and maintain the certification procedures, undertake annual internal audits of members of the group and liaise with the certification body regarding sample surveillance audits.

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