Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation

World’s First Construction with PEFC Project Certification

The Lighthouse building at the Zaragoza 08 Expo became the first construction project anywhere in the world to be PEFC Project Certified. The developers, UTE Pavilion Initiatives, were awarded chain of custody for this remarkable project as all the structural timber elements of the building, a total of 311 cubic meters, were sourced from PEFC-certified forests.

Zaragoza – El Faro (The Lighthouse) was designed by architect Ricardo Higueras in the form of ‘jar’ and is a thatched pavilion, constructed entirely of sustainable construction materials, mud, straw and PEFC-certified timber. It was energy efficient, recyclable and provided a practical demonstration of one of the main themes of the Expo – environmental sustainability.

El Faro (The Lighthouse)

A computer system called ‘Watcher’ assessed all materials and energy used on the scheme. The software calculated how to recycle every item of scrap material and the origin of every plank of wood. The building aimed to raise awareness of the design possibilities for eco-buildings and the advantages of using certified timber as a sustainable construction material. This contributed to sustainable forest management and reduced impact on the environment.

The pavilion housed organizations including NGOs, consumer associations, trade unions and trade associations. It also provided visitors with information on the role of water in sustainable development – the central theme of the Zaragoza 08 Expo.

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