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Winter Universiade Welcomes PEFC Project Certification

PEFC-certified forests provided the backdrop to the Winter Universiade, which took place in Trentino, Italy in December 2013 and welcomed 3,500 college athletes from 61 countries. The scheme was the second in Italy to receive PEFC Project Certification.

With Nordic sports taking place in and around forests, the move to promote sustainable forestry was a natural one for the organizers in Val di Fiemme. Through a range of initiatives set out in a Declaration of Sustainability, such as the use of local PEFC-certified timber and transport by methane and hydrogen-powered buses – 20,000 tons of CO2 produced by this event was offset.

“The goal was to use PEFC-certified material throughout the entire event and to use timber which came from legal and sustainable sources from the Trentino region,” said Antonio Brunori, Secretary General of PEFC Italy.

Winter Universiade

Among these temporary and permanent structures was the building on Lake Tésero in Val di Fiemme, which hosted the various television stations that came from around the world to cover the Universiade games. Designed by architect Roberto Bortolotti, the building used 700m2 of timber. The main structure included cross laminated timber (CLT) floors, interior and exterior walls made of PEFC-certified Spruce and Larch. Timber also featured in the wooden doors and windows plus the thermal and acoustic insulation (wood fiber).

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