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PEFC Treehouse Stars at Chelsea

A luxury treehouse made from PEFC-certified timber was one of the star attractions at London’s famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show earlier this year. Designed to illustrate the 2019 show’s theme of ‘Back to Nature’, the award-winning treehouse designer and manufacturer Blue Forest, constructed the building using 500 metres of PEFC-certified Western Red Cedar cladding, in five individual sections. 

PEFC Treehouse

The use of PEFC-certified timber provides assurances that the forest it was sourced from is responsibly-managed, the wildlife habitat protected, the local communities were consulted and workers’ rights were protected. 

The Treehouse offered the public a rare opportunity to experience the quality and charm of Blue Forest’s bespoke treehouse creations. The company has established a reputation as the world’s leading treehouse consultancy and are renowned for designing buildings that reflect the environment in which they are built. Its award-winning team of designers and project managers, along with its network of craftspeople, engineers and manufacturers, ensure its schemes are at the forefront of sustainable luxury design and construction. 

Prefabrication of the Blue Forest treehouse started in February and all the sections were ready for transport to the Show early 3 May. The five main sections were transported from the factory to the Royal Hospital showground, where it took nine days to assemble and build the interior deck with each section – weighing approximately 1.5 tons – craned in to position on Main Avenue. 

The garden in which the treehouse was located was the high-profile space co-designed by HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. In keeping with the theme of the RHS Back to Nature Garden, the planting design was light-hearted, encouraging children and families to spend quality time outdoors and reconnect with nature.

Created in collaboration with the award-winning Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa in Hampshire, the treehouse took three days to dismantle and was taken to its new home in the grounds of Chewton Glen to provide a fabulous home for the hotel’s popular children’s club.

Treehouse interior

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Photo credit: Alex Whittle