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PEFC CLT at Award Winning Dalston Lane

Located in the London Borough of Hackney, Dalston Lane stands at nearly 34 metres and is one of the world’s largest load bearing cross laminated timber (CLT) buildings. In line with Hackney’s timber first approach, from the external, party and core walls, right through to the floors and stairs – the landmark development used CLT panels measuring 12m long by 2.8m high.

Dalston Lane

Ranging from five to ten storeys, Dalston Lane incorporates 121 residential units comprising contemporary style one to three-bedroom apartments – spread across nine floors and totalling a gross external area of 11,591m2. The residential units consist of 101 private rental units, five intermediate ‘more affordable’ units which bridge the gap between open market value and social housing, together with 15 affordable rental units. 

The building’s intricate brickwork references both the surrounding Victorian and Edwardian housing and the craftsmanship-like detailing of the local warehouses. As well as meeting the need for high quality, high-density housing – the use of timber technology has significantly reduced the carbon footprint of the building in terms of both material production and onsite time and energy consumption.
Using PEFC-certified CLT from Binderholz, the project delivered a net carbon footprint of -2600 tonnes CO2e which represents a vast saving on the net carbon footprint when compared to an equivalent block with a concrete frame with an estimated +2,000 tonnes CO2e – a difference of circa 4,600 tonnes CO2e. To put this in perspective, the carbon removed from the atmosphere in the building of Dalston Lane using CLT as the core structural solution, is equivalent to the emissions produced by 1703 cars over a year. 

As a rapid, robust and reliable offsite manufactured solution, CLT delivers many benefits during the construction process and beyond. Manufactured to exceptional levels of accuracy in factory controlled conditions ensures minimal defects and improves construction and project delivery time, reducing costs and maximising efficiency on all levels – providing cost and programme certainty. The project recently won the Winner of Winners Award at the Structural Timber Awards 2017.