Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation

Greenhouses & PEFC-Certified Western Red Cedar

Gabriel Ash produce quality PEFC-certified Western Red Cedar greenhouses that are a seamless blend of wood and toughened glass, discreetly incorporating aluminium and full-length automatic ridge ventilation; only using the finest quality of PEFC-certified Western Red Cedar.

Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that resist moisture decay and infestation. Being very straight-grained, it neither warps nor twists, absorbing and rapidly releasing moisture with minimal shrinkage or expansion. Using age-old techniques and the values of traditional handmade British craftsmanship, this superior wood can be honed to a superb finish: a pleasure to both the eyes and the touch. In our long experience, nothing is more appropriate for fine gardens than the warmth, beauty and character of wood.


Gabriel Ash is proud to be PEFC-certified as it shows it is a company promoting sustainability throughout the manufacture of its greenhouses. “When Gabriel Ash embarked on its journey to become PEFC-certified we discovered that the process was simple and easy to understand and the kudos it gave us a company was well worth it,” said Di Limam, Director of Gabriel Ash. “Our Western Red Cedar has come from a guaranteed sustainable source and when a customer purchases a Gabriel Ash greenhouse they can be assured that they are buying their greenhouse from a company that has PEFC-certification and therefore contributing to the continued protection of the world’s forests.”

Gabriel Ash pursued PEFC-certification for several reasons:

  • In order to compete in an expanding export market, several countries started to stipulate that only certified timber could be imported so it became an essential tool
  • Gabriel Ash is the only timber greenhouse company to have its products endorsed the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). In order to exhibit at its annual flower shows such as Chelsea, the RHS stipulates that timber products brought for sale or on display must be proven to be sustainably sourced. If the greenhouses are for sale, the full product range or line must be Chain of Custody certified.
  • Consumers are becoming more aware of environmental issues and as a company, we are able to assure customers that the timber used in our products originates from responsibly-managed forests
  • Certification provides us with the confidence to market products as coming from legal and a well-managed sources
  • PEFC-certification enables traceability of certified products through the entire supply chain.

Di Limam added: “In essence we believe that without this certification our business would have found it even more difficult to compete in an ever-changing and competitive world where environmental issues are becoming as important as economic ones.”

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