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Dramatic Transformations with Sorrells

The 10 Cases is a busy restaurant, wine bar and shop based in the heart of London’s theatre district. Sorrells was appointed to create a combined wine storage area and dining room in the underused basement of the building. The limited space made the project a challenge, but now the revitalised area is a fabulous venue, hireable for birthday parties, tastings and wine industry gatherings.


The PEFC-certified Redwood chosen for the wine racking is ideal. It’s a practical and durable option for an area that is constantly used by staff selecting bottles to serve or sell. Ease of access is also important as hundreds of bottles are kept below stairs, supplying the wine bar, shop and restaurant.

For restaurants that need durability there is a great choice of PEFC-certified wood, providing high quality at a competitive price. It also allows for a range of finishes – the 10 Cases also chose dark Oak. It was essential for the wine storage area to look wonderful too, being on display via a floor-to-ceiling glass wall: those sitting in the private dining area have an impressive view. “I feel proud every time I come down here,” says owner Will Palmer. “It’s a real showpiece.”

Sorrells makes wine rooms and cellars for any space and to any specification, for restaurants and private individuals, for wine collections large and small. These days, cellars are as much above ground as below it. Wine storage can be designed to fit any available space. In the under-the-stairs example, the area was originally unloved and underutilised. Identified as the perfect place for wine storage, Sorrells transformed it into something special. Situated in such an integral part of the home, it was important to match the wine room’s finish to the decor of the rest of the ground floor.

Sorrells focuses on transforming customer dreams into reality, making any space for wine really come alive. Accessible, practical and beautiful, Sorrells delights in crafting wonderful focal points in any location. For Sorrells, PEFC-certified wood is a vital ingredient to making this happen.

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