Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification organisation

Certified Packaging & Paper


Consumers are increasingly keen to make good environmental choices in their everyday purchases. This includes the packaging in which they take away the all-important morning coffee, snack or lunch.

AB Group Packaging is a high-volume, manufacturer of quality, renewable PEFC-certified paper bags and carrier bags for the food to go sector and fashion retailers across UK, Europe and the US. It uses the PEFC logo on its paper bags and food wraps to demonstrate a corporate commitment to supplying customers with responsibly sourced products and an ethical multi-partnership commitment to the environment.

AB Packaging

AB Group Packaging Managing Director, Dermot Brady says: “When seeking the most environmentally conscionable convenience food safe bags and wrappings in high volumes, certified PEFC renewable paper is the superior choice of material. Our customers enjoy the complete assurance that PEFC brings, allowing them to lean into fast-growing mobile driven accelerating food to go trends. The confidence that PEFC chain of custody brings to food producers is invaluable, knowing that the sources of their raw materials, PEFC forests are continually being replenished.”

PEFC packaging is suitable for all designs and switching over any design is a remarkably simple and fast process. “A leading luxury food hall brand has specified that all the carrier bags used in its food hall should be certified and labelled. They require that all the wood-based products they use in their business are certified to ensure that they come from well managed forests. This customer has its own unique PEFC logo reference, unique to their store. Their food carry bags also link into their overall strategic corporate goal to prove chain of custody certification in all forestry products related to their brand. Companies specifying our bags can be assured that they are choosing a responsibly-sourced paper alternative to the traditional plastic bag.”


Benders Paper Cups produce over 1 billion high-quality paper cups each year for a diverse client range and are the UK’s only dedicated paper cup manufacturer. Its position on ethical sourcing and the environment have been long established and is constantly being monitored. All of the paperboard fibre used to make its cups comes from PEFC-certified forests in Finland and the full range of Benders disposable paper cups are PEFC-certified.

Benders Cups

“We have a solid understanding and management of environmental factors,” says Benders Marketing Manager, Adrian Pratt. “PEFC certified forests are managed to the highest environmental standards. By endorsing the ranges of cups with the PEFC logo, Benders are demonstrating their commitment to consumers who wish to make an ethical choice and support PEFC’s objectives. The consumer thinks far more about the material that cups are made of nowadays and want to feel comfortable that the cups can be recycled and reused easily.”