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Construction and PEFC Certified Timber

Timber is a material that sits at the heart of the construction industry. As well as having the lowest embodied CO2 of any commercially available building material, it is increasingly seen as the simple and straightforward way for contractors and clients to achieve a high-performance building solution. With species offering dimensional stability and durability, certified timber has unique sustainability credentials as a renewable building material compared to concrete, steel, brick and block or aluminium.

PEFC-certified timber plays an enormous part in many building projects from structural applications such as timber frame, engineered woods such as glulam, xlam, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and structural insulated panels (SIPs) to key components such as engineered floor cassettes, attic trusses, staircases, windows and doorsets, plywood, MDF, skirting, orientated strand board (OSB), decking and cladding plus a wide range of sawn timber including innovative modified wood products such as Accoya®.

Construction and PEFC Certified Timber pdf

Construction and PEFC Certified Timber by PEFC UK Ltd.