Construction Projects

El Faro Project Certification

World's First Construction with PEFC Project Certification

The Lighthouse building at the Zaragoza 08 Expo became the first construction project anywhere in the world to be PEFC Project Certified. 

Hospital Spain project cert

PEFC Certified Timber at the Heart of Restoration Project

Hospital de la Concepción, University of Burgos, Spain

London Olympic Park project cert

2012 Olympic Games Celebrate World First Dual Project Certification

The entire London 2012 Olympic Park development achieved dual Project Certification.

Winter universiade project cert

Winter Universiade Welcomes PEFC Project Certification

PEFC-certified forests provided the backdrop to the Winter Universiade, this was the second scheme in Italy to receive PEFC Project Certification.

Kingsgate House London project cert

Kingsgate House Scores UK Sustainable First

Kingsgate House is a seven-story residential project in West London which was the first major construction project in the world o achieve PEFC Project Certification.