Forests area: 300 million ha
Forest owners: > 750,000
Companies (CoC): 18,800

Brand Image – reasons to get PEFC-certified

Nordcell Ltd was established in 2010 to provide the very best timber products to manufacturers which both understand and value high quality timber components. Nordcell aims to lead the market not only in terms of the quality of the goods we sell but also in the service that we provide.Nordcell med

At Nordcell, we understand our responsibility to ensure that all our wood is responsibly-sourced. The PEFC brand provides both our suppliers and customers with such assurances. Becoming PEFC Chain of Custody certified has meant that we actively seek suppliers who can offer us certified materials. In some cases, that has lead to us replacing some existing suppliers with new suppliers who can fulfil our requirements for certified products. If all companies demanded certified wood, this would have a hugely positive environmental impact.

Whilst the team at Nordcell is justifiably proud of its extensive knowledge of timber and the forests from which it is harvested, it would be fair to say that our understanding of responsible timber sourcing has increased as a result of becoming certified. Not only through the regular bulletins sent out by PEFC but also by being involved with the annual auditing process. The demanding criteria set out in the PEFC standard in particular have helped to increase our understanding of important issues sustainability issues.

PEFC is also a natural extension to our positioning within our market sector. We feel the brand fits extremely well with our company image and as a result have opted for PEFC over alternative certification schemes with more and more customers demanding timber that has been sourced through a recognised certification scheme, having PEFC certification is of vital importance.

As part of our annual PEFC audit we have had to develop certain systems to ensure we comply. Becoming PEFC-certified can seem a little daunting at first, particularly in the run up to your initial audit. However when you get to meet and talk with the auditor you understand it is not a straightforward pass/fail exercise. There are also allowances given after an audit to ensure companies have a chance to make improvements to their systems if anything does not meet the required standards. Every system Nordcell has put in place as a result of PEFC certification has been of great benefit to our company. This not only has improved our internal processes but it also adds value to our organisation. By being PEFC certified we feel that we have become a more developed, knowledgeable and efficient organisation.

PEFC are easily approachable and are always very quick to respond to any questions or requests, from providing additional PEFC marketing materials to answering any questions that you may have in relation to your certification or logo usage.

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